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21. 7. 2022

Pathways to society: involving young people – an inclusive and transformative framework for all

In the project YouthReach: Outreach – Inclusive and Transformative Framework for All, we asked ourselves how to give young adults in this position a voice and enable them to contribute and co-create reality. Furthermore, how can we empower them to access social resources? Last but not least, how to foster trust and integration in the community? Some programmes and institutions can help young people overcome challenges. However, they often do not even seek this help. After all, they do not know about it or have a bad experience because they were once treated inappropriately in institutions.

The project involves partners from five countries: France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Slovenian partners are the most numerous. In addition to SIAE, the Faculty of Social Work of the University of Ljubljana (one of the three universities in the project), the City Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana and the Bob Institute, Ljubljana are also included. The project coordinator is the Laboratory of Studies and Research on Social Intervention Leris from France, which has been working for twenty years to mediate between the social sciences and public or private actors in order to offer joint support for co-production and enrichment of knowledge.

More in the SIAE Newsletter here.

Project meeting

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