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17. 1. 2018

New web portal Quality Mosaic

In 2017, the SIAE developed a web portal or an online database of recommendations, tools and good practices for self-evaluation in educational institutions. The portal named Quality Mosaic (in Slovenian) is the result of the ESF project Expert support for the guidance and orientation activities and evaluation of non-formal education 2016–2022, activity Systemic placement and further development of self-evaluation in adult education.

The database has a practical design and brings together many achievements of our developmental work. It has been created in collaboration with many educational organisations who participated in different projects since 2001: Offering Quality Education to Adults – OQEA, Quality Counsellors, Expert External Evaluation, Green Quality Logo. It is intended for everyone who wants to establish and develop internal quality control systems in educational organisations. This online portal allows adult education providers to access self-evaluation tools and instruments and descriptions of good practices for such processes. The collection is also aimed at those who work in development and placement of approaches for evaluation and development of quality in the educational system and in practice.

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Author: Creatim

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