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6. 2. 2024

Mountains and plains – environmental and climatic entanglements

As a researcher on the community action model, Dr Nevenka Bogataj of the SIAE was invited to the conference titled Mountains and Plains – Environmental and Climatic Entanglements. Past – Present – Future. The community action model is one of the (essential) forms of successful response to environmental change.

In the Climate Goals and Content in Education project, we integrated the Alps into our work as early as in 2022. We have organised the Alpine School twice, selected the CIPRA organisation as an external collaborator, and are disseminating our results at the research level. In 2023, we are maintaining this focus: we are finalising teaching material that will present the Alps comparatively with the sub-Mediterranean part of the Primorska region.

At the conference, Dr Nevenka Bogataj took an active role as a panellist in a round table discussion where, in addition to Swiss representatives, several experts from neighbouring countries (Austria, Italy, Croatia) also took part. She also co-authored a written paper on community practices in the Alpine countries for the conference of IASC, which organised the EDEH Conference.

Read more in the SIAE Newsletter here.

The photo of the conference webpage

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