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6. 10. 2021

Lifelong Learning Weeks 2021

Co-creators have not given up – LLW is in full swing across. Uncertain conditions also marked this year’s preparations for the LLW – the autumn wave of COVID-19 undoubtedly brings these about.

LLW 2021 has been co-created by 35 coordinators. Only 26 of them are co-financed from the Public tender for co-financing of adult education programmes and activities in 2021 (in Slovenian). Unfortunately, there was not enough money for everyone. However, others, including many experienced coordinators, wanted to maintain their role as LLW facilitators in their environment and, commendably, invested their own resources to this end. Around 1,000 organisers have worked under the leadership of these 31 regional and four thematic coordinators. In the weeks from 6 September to 10 October, they have jointly prepared more than 7,500 LLW events.

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National opening LLW 2021 in Lendava

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