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13. 1. 2022

Lifelong Learning Weeks 2021


“The national opening of LLW was impressive. With partners and the support of local communities, Lendava AEC opened this year’s LLW on 3 September. The rich cultural programme reflected multiculturalism, multilingualism, multigenerationality etc. – values we have defended and enforced with LLW for 26 years. Speeches by high representatives from the field of work and the host, Janez Magyar, Mayor of Lendava, distinguished the national opening of LLW 2021.

With great interest, I attended the professional event of the Learning Parade, organised by Slovenska Bistrica AEC, on 16 September. On this occasion, they also honoured their four secondary vocational graduates, Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik wraps up the events of the LLW2021 in Slovenia.

The lecturer was Viktor Markelj, a Slovenian civil engineer, entrepreneur and lecturer and one of this year’s three Ambassadors of Learning in Slovenska Bistrica. His most famous works include the bridge on Ada (Belgrade, Serbia, 2012), the Puh bridge (Ptuj, Slovenia, 2007) and the drawbridge for pedestrians and cyclists on the Island of Ołowianka (Gdansk, Poland, 2017). On this occasion, he also talked about his more minor challenges – bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. His challenge was to identify innovative methods in building bridges, which was also the topic of his doctorate dissertation.”

You can read more about Slovenian LLW 2021 in the SIAE Newsletter.

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Author: Creatim

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