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13. 4. 2021

Guidance in adult education as a public service

According to the new law, guidance encompasses three areas. In addition to guidance on enrolment in education and continuation of education, guidance on identification and documentation is now provided as a separate area. Up until now, it has been included in the guidance for education (part of the guidance activities of ISIO Centres and guidance for employees). Guidance on self-directed learning, which was provided in Self-Directed Learning Centres, is according to new regulation also part of the public service guidance activities, points out Andreja Dobrovoljc of the SIAE.

Each organisation that is part of the public network implements all three areas of guidance. The ratio between the individual areas of guidance is decided on by each organisation individually. In organising the activities, they take into account the experience gained up until now in the development and implementation of guidance activities in ISIO Centres, Self-Directed Learning Centres and projects for developing approaches to identify and document knowledge and skills of adults.

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Author: Creatim

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