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23. 11. 2023

Efforts for skill development are underway across Europe

The EYS national coordinators gathered in person in Brussels for the first time on 7 June. After a lively four-hour exchange of opinions and approaches to fulfilling our role in the EYS, we concluded that we wish for similar interactions in the future. Our first online meeting on 24 March was merely an introduction to the EC initiative, which was still in the negotiation phase at the time. There was almost no interaction, and we were all merely trying to understand what lay ahead.

At the beginning of this meeting, both EC and European Parliament representatives emphasised the severe shortage of an appropriately skilled workforce in Europe. They asserted that they have done everything in their power for the EYS so that we can take the initiative broadly and chart our own course at the national level. The specifics vary from one country to another, and this diversity is a source of valuable ideas worth emulating.

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Participants of the event

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