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12. 1. 2023

EAAL project is in full swing

The EAAL forums are treasure troves of wisdom, information and practice. We carried them out for the first time in 2021 with the desire to shed light on the role and future of ALE from the point of view of vital socio-economic challenges and trends. Thus, in cooperation with valuable individuals and institutions, six EAAL forums were prepared: on migration and challenges of multiculturalism, green and digital transformation of society, inclusion and citizenship, ageing society and intergenerational integration and the future of work and skills. We also draw attention to the associated manifestos, which contain recommendations for dealing with individual challenges. The recorded contributions and other materials are still, if not more so, relevant and worthy of your attention.

We are shedding light on and choosing paths to skills for life. At the EAAL forums 2021, we may have paid more attention to the political, theoretical and expert levels, although concrete examples were also included. However, we now want to get closer to every person’s actual practice and life. We accordingly designed the application for implementation of the EAAL in 2022-2023 when, among other things, we announced the Forums on Skills for Life, points out Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik.

Read more in the SIAE Newsletter here.

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