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28. 7. 2022

Cultural Bazaar 2022

On 31 March, Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana hosted the 14th Cultural Bazaar, i.e. the largest professional training in the field of cultural and artistic education in Slovenia. The Ministry of Culture, MESS and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Education, in cooperation with partners, prepared a rich and varied one-day programme. This year’s red thread was Culture and the arts/well-being of society and the individual. In addition, a special interdepartmental content set was dedicated to culture and well-being in rural areas.

The SIAE also participated in the market of cultural goods. Alenka Štrukelj presented to the participants interested in online arts and cultural education the web portal for family literacy (in Slovenian), which contains the most diverse information on promoting reading literacy and reading culture among all family members from birth. On the National Month of Joint Reading website, a rich selection of reading and book-related events in Slovenia, abroad or in foreign countries is available.

More in the SIAE Newsletter here.

Cultural Bazaar

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