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3. 11. 2020

About Lifelong Learning Weeks 2020

LLW 2020 were courageously held between 4 September, when they were opened virtually to pave the way, and 9 October. The ceremony, which celebrated the tradition of 25 years, was boldly different.

The opening was broadcast on the LLW website, the SIAE YouTube channel and social networks on 4 September. We dare say that the opening reached far more people than a live event ever would. Parts of it are played even now, as all of them are illuminating and inspiring. The wonderful experience of working with the President of the country and the Minister of Education has given us courage to continue our search for allies at the highest levels of public life in collaboration with LLW coordinators. At the same time, we also pay tribute to the less famous people whose messages are based on their own learning experience, which makes them invaluable.

Many LLW events were held in virtual environments, and many were recorded and will continue to speak to the public from these environments for a long time to come, points out Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik of the SIAE.

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Author: Creatim

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