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17. 11. 2023

30 years of organised self-directed learning in Slovenia – from concept to guidance activities in public service

Thirty years ago, the SIAE colleague Irena Benedik, MSc, at the initiative of the then director, Dr Zoran Jelenc, packed her bags and embarked on a 16-day journey across Great Britain. She researched and explored various approaches and forms of organised self-directed learning in Leeds, Birmingham, London and other smaller towns. She met with so-called community centres, self-directed learning centres within institutions that provide formal education (University of Leeds) and centres in the corporate sector (Ford factory). She was particularly interested in how these centres operated and what they included – what materials they offered, what learning opportunities they supported (e. g. distance learning), who attended them and who provided support to the participants in their learning.

Read more int he SIAE Newsletter Autumn 2023 here.

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