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We began the systematic development of promotional activities in 1996 with the Lifelong Learning Week. Over the years, promotion work has become a recognised and indispensable series of events. We organise and take part in domestic and international events, address the public via the SIAE website and the e-Novičke bulletin, cooperate with various media and publish promotional materials. To list some of our aims:

  • We expand awareness of the necessity of learning in all periods of life and in all environments.
  • We contribute to a holistic understanding of adult education as the driving force for upgrading knowledge and skills, employability, personal growth, and co-existence within communities.
  • We encourage people to crave for knowledge and take a positive approach to learning.
  • We endeavour to ensure that the voice of adult learners becomes louder and more influential ( and

We build on the synergy achieved domestically with the transfer of knowledge and experience to and from the international environment, where we are acknowledged as one of the foremost and most active members of the movement to promote adult education and lifelong learning. Currently, we are taking part in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership project Sowing the Learning Seeds.

We provide information support through:

  • the annual monitoring of the range of adult education on offer,
  • the publication of information, indicators and detailed presentations,
  • the mediation of topical information on adult education from domestic and foreign sources,
  • the issuing ( and acquisition of publications available in the special library (

Head of Promotion and Information Unit:
Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (E:

We are advocating for the autonomy of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.


We are celebrating twenty-five years of creative work and cooperation in adult education and learning.


SIAE is a public institute and the umbrella institution in the field of adult education and learning in Slovenia.

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