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International co-operation has been an inseparable and component part of the Institute's work ever since the SIAE was established. The results of such a co-operation are the numerous projects which are the constant feature of the Slovenian adult education scene.

Name of project – Abbreviation:


Source of funding:


Know your Lifestyle – Introducing Sustainable Consuption in 2'nd Chance Education – KYL Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. – dvv international Europe Aid / 131141/C/ACT/MULTI 2013–2015
Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig (Restricted call for proposals for the Implementation of the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning 2012–2014) Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig (Restricted call for proposals for the Implementation of the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning 2012–2014) 2012–2014
Study Circles – INTERREG Ente Nazionale per la Formazione e Addestramento Professionale Friuli Venezia Giulia – ENFAP Friuli Venezia Giulia Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, by the european regional development Fund and national funds. 2011–2014
Benefits of Lifelong Learning – BeLL Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung – DIE Lifelong Learning Programme 2011–2014 (27 months)
Consolidation, Outcomes, Dissemination, Agency – CODA Nottingham Trent University – NTU Lifelong Learning Programme 2011–2013 (15 months)

European Peer Review in Guidance and Counselling in Adult Vocational Education and Training – EuroPeerGuid

Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins – CECOA

Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci –Transfer of Innovation


Sowing the Learning Seeds – SLS


Lifelong Learning Programme, Gundtvig Learning Partnerships


Capitalizing on Validpack: Going Europe wide – CAPIVAL

Romanian Institute for Adult Education – IREA

Lifelong Learning Programme


Exchange of Training Programme for Guidance in Adult Education


Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility


Guidance at workplace (Guidance merger - 2) – GM-2

Centre for Flexible Learning – CFL, municipality of Soderhamn, Sweden

Leonardo da Vinci, programme cofinanced by the Ministry of Education within the Annual Operating Plan of the SIAE

Peer Review Extended II – Transfer and further development of the European Peer Review methodology as an element of the Common Quality Assurance Framework – Peer Review II Osterreichisches Institut fur Berufsbildungsforschung – OIBF Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci 2007–2009 (24 months)

Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education – INCLUD-ED

Universitat de Barcelona

6. Framework Programme

2006–2011 (60 months)

Voices for inclusion, voices for
access in language learning and cultural education – VIVACE
Nottingham Trent
Lingua 1, Ministry of Education and Sport 2006–2009

European Family Learning
Network / Evropska mreža za družinsko
učenje – EFLN

CFL – Campaign for

Grundtvig 4


Families and active citizenship
– an integrated training – FACE IT!
EuroEd Grundtvig 1 2006–2008

Professionalization of Literacy
and Basic Education – Basic Modules
for Teacher Training – TRAIN

DIE – German
Institute for Adult

Grundtvig 1


Twinning the Elderly Disadvantage and Disabled with the Young By Encouraging Active Reminiscence – Teddy Bear


Socrates II – Grundtvig 2

2006–2007 (12 months)

Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: The contribution of the Education System – LLL2010

Tallin University

6. Framework Programme


Value of Work – VOW

The Education and Training Service Centre

Leonardo da Vinci


European Network for Motivational Mathemathics for Adults – EMMA

Vox, the national institute for adult learning

Socrates – Grundtvig Programme


Recognition of non-formal and
informal learning – OECD (SLO only)
OECD Ministry of Education and Sport, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs 2005–2007

European Conference in Norwich
England on the theme of Learning
Work and the Lisbon Goals




Developing local learning centres and learning partnerships as part of Member States targets on for reaching the Lisbon goals in the field of education

Research voor Beleid B.V.

European Commision

2005 (9 months)

Mathematics in Action – MiA

The Danish University of Education

Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 1


Key Skills Portfolio Assisted Learning – Key PAL

EIFEL, Francija

Socrates Programme –Grundtvig 1

2004–2006 (24 months)

Razvijanje in širjenje mreže z IKT podprtih lokalnih/regionalnih svetovalnih centrov in centrov za poklicno svetovanje
Zmanjševanje izobrazbenega primanjkljaja pri odraslih in izobraževanje ter usposabljanje osipnikov

Ministry of Education and Sport, Slovenia

European Social Fund

2004–2006 (24 months)

International Adult Learners Week in Europe – IntALWinE


Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 4

Reviewing education and training for governance and active citizenship in Europe - a Central and Eastern European perspective – RE-ETGACE University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom 5. Framework Programme 2003–2004 (12 months)

Access to Language Learning by Extending to Groups Outside – ALLEGRO

Nottingham Trent University

Socrates Programme – Lingua

2002–2005 (36 months)

Development of Quality Management in Adult Education by Developing Self-assessment Process

Lahti Region Education Consortium, Salpaus Further Education

Socrates Programme

2002–2005 (36 months)

Promoting Social Inclusion Through Basic Skills Learning

Magyar Nepfoiskolai Tarsasag Nepfoiskola Intezet

Socrates Programme

2002–2005 (36 months)

Adult education driving licence – ADDED SIAE Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 1 2002–2004 (24 months)

Widening and strengthening the European dimension of Lifelong Learning Week Movement

ACS Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 1 2002–2004 (24 months)
To make Up Arrears of Lifelong Learning – MALL Magyar Nepfoiskolai Tarsasag – Hungarian Folk High School Society Socrates Programme – Accompanying measures 2002–2003 (14 months)
Adults Learning and Participating in Education – ALPINE Institute of Lifelong Learning, Queens's University of Belfast Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 2001–2004
European Certificate of Basic Skills Certificate

 University of Edinburgh

 Leonardo Da Vinci – Community vocational training Action Programme


Adult Education in Southeast Europe Helping Democracy, Stability and Development

Institut für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Des Deutschen Volkschule-Verbandes e.V.

Stability Pact


Multi-country Integrated System for Improved ODL Networking – MISSION National Council for Distance Education, Apertus Public Foundation Socrates Programme – Minerva 2001–2003

Vocational training 2000-868-LDV, SL-9907.04



2001–2002 (12 months)

Lifelong Learning Week in South-Eastern Europe – TVU-EBIS Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association – dvv international Stability Pact 2000–2003

European Thematic Network in University Continuing Education –THENUCE+

University of Liege

Socrates Programme – Erasmus


Education and Training for Governance and Active Citizenship in Europe – ETGACE

University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom

5. Framework Program


Improving Open and Distance Leraning in a Network – NETCAMPUS EuroPACE Socrates Programme – Minerva 2000–2002

Modernisation of Curricula, Certification and Assessment in Vocational Education for Youth and Adults in Slovenia

Aalborg Technical College, International Department Oester Uttrip Vej DK



Adult Education in Southeast Europe Helping Democracy, Stability and Development

Institut für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Des Deutschen Volkschule-Verbandes e.V.

Stability Pact

2000 (6 months)

Stocktaking, Clarification of Concepts and Definition of Methodology

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia



Basic Adult Education as the Path Back into Society

AOF-Uddannelsescenter (AOF-EC), Denmark



Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network – ALADIN UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning –UIL   1998–1999

Phare Democracy


Phare Democracy



We are advocating for the autonomy of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.


We are celebrating twenty-five years of creative work and cooperation in adult education and learning.


SIAE is a public institute and the umbrella institution in the field of adult education and learning in Slovenia.

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