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EAEA membership

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is a non-governmental organisation, founded in 1953, with close to 140 members from more than 40 countries. Main activities:

  • Advocacy work – especially as far as on non-formal adult education and lifelong learning are concerned; cooperation with EU institutions, national and regional governments and many international and national NGOs; membership in several influential European associations and platforms;
  • Representation of adult education civil society in official working groups and conferences;
  • Release of publications, reports, handbooks as well as project information and results;
  • Facilitation of contacts with and between adult education stakeholders and other NGOs as well as close cooperation with EU decision-makers;
  • Cooperation with other research and development institutions, including universities;
  • Leading of and cooperation in Erasmus+ projects.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) has been an active member of EAEA. We have supported EAEA's initiatives (for eample the founding of the Interest group for Lifelong Learning at the European Parliament; the Slovenian representative in the group being Dr Milan Zver).

In addition, we have collaborated in several projects, e.g. ARALE – Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education, BeLL – Benefits of Lifelong Learning, KYL – Know Your Lifestyle, and curently in DIMA – A Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring adult Education.

Recently, EAEA published the Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st Century (see also the one-pager). SIAE translated the text and contributed Slovenian examples and learners' stories: Manifest za učenje odraslih v 21. stoletju and its one-pager


  • On February 18 and 19, SIAE was hosting members of the EAEA Executive Board. On Thursday, eleven adult education experts from all over Europe had their regular meeting in Ljubljana. Late afternoon, that they got together with representatives of SIAE, two other EAEA members - the Slovenian Adult Education Association and the Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres - as well as with the NSS Officer for EPALE. On Friday, they met with the Slovenian minister of education, science and sport, Dr Maja Makovec Brenčič, and later on with some members of the Forum for Slovenia, a learning community.

EAEA is active via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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We are advocating for the autonomy of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.


We are celebrating twenty-five years of creative work and cooperation in adult education and learning.


SIAE is a public institute and the umbrella institution in the field of adult education and learning in Slovenia.

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