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Legal notice

This notice relates to the homepage and all other web pages of the website
The content published on the website is the property of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education – SIAE (Andragoški center Slovenije – ACS). Its use is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, in which case all copyright notices must be retained, and it cannot be copied, reproduced, or disseminated in any other manner.
The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education will take all due care to ensure the data on its website is accurate and up-to-date. Nevertheless, it does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or any loss arising from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information. Other legal persons or individuals that have participated in the creation and processing of this website also bear no responsibility for any loss arising from accessing, using or inability to use the information on the website, or any other error or deficiency in its content.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education also bears no responsibility for any virus that a user may download from its website.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education bears no responsibility for any temporary malfunction of the website. It reserves the right to direct users to other websites and does not bear any responsibility for their content.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education respects your privacy and undertakes to protect personal data acquired via the web information system with due care. It will not provide third parties with such data or use it for other purposes without your permission. Since certain links to external websites that have no connection to the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education exist within the web information system, it bears no responsibility for data protection on such websites.

For any further information and permissions, please contact:

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) / Andragoški center Republike Slovenije (ACS)
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Šmartinska 134a

tel.: +386 1 5842 560, fax: +386 1 5842 550

We are advocating for the autonomy of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.


We are celebrating twenty-five years of creative work and cooperation in adult education and learning.


SIAE is a public institute and the umbrella institution in the field of adult education and learning in Slovenia.

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